Local Nurse Educator: Volunteering Is a Family Affair


Registered Nurse Krystal Strickland values helping others and has shared that value with her family through a number of volunteer activities.

Nurses, by nature, are considered helpers. Registered Nurse Krystal Strickland can say that sixfold.

Krystal Strickland, Nurse Volunteer

Krystal and her family, including her husband and four children, volunteer once a month cooking full meals for children in the community through their church, First Baptist Church of Sparks. She and her family commute from Fernley to Sparks on days they volunteer, getting up bright and early to be in Sparks by 6:30 or 7 a.m.

“We got involved when the church was asking for volunteers,” she explains. “My husband and I thought it would be a good idea to get our family involved.”

In addition to volunteering to cook and serve, Krystal and her family also participate in providing supplies for Christmas boxes through her church and buying items for stockings for children in her local community. Krystal said her youngest daughter loves to see what she picked out to share in the stockings.

“My daughter (who just turned 8) loves to look through the stuff I buy for the holiday stockings,” Krystal explains. “She’ll say things like ‘good picks mom.’ She loves that part.”

Volunteering is a Family Tradition

Krystal and her family have been volunteering at their church for about two years. She feels it’s good to take care of others when possible, and it’s important to get your kids involved.

“My husband and I are big helpers, and I think it helps our kids to learn to volunteer,” she says of her volunteerism.

Krystal has been working at Renown since 1997 – first as a CNA and as an RN since 1999. She worked in oncology as a new graduate from 1999-2007, and since 2007, she has been working as a nurse educator, currently in the general surgical unit.

And the values she holds as a nurse and educator translate to her family as well.

“It’s good to get your kids thinking outside themselves,” Krystal says about her family’s commitment to volunteering.