Hints for Dad This Mother’s Day


Psst… Dad, Mother’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, May 12. Take a moment to say thank you for everything she does.

Mom, if you think he will forget to give you that much deserved day of appreciation, print this list and nonchalantly leave it on the kitchen counter.

Dad’s Mother’s Day Cheat Sheet


  • Let her sleep in! That’s right, something as small as closing the door and taking the kids for the morning can be the much needed “me” time she has been missing. You could even take this one step further and arrange a staycation where you take the kids all day and let her have the house to herself.
  • Organize a family photo.  You don’t need to hire a photographer, just find a good spot to set the camera on a timer and help the kids get dressed nicely so she can have a nice picture with the entire family.
  • Make her dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy but a candle might help. Since she’s used to taking care of everyone else, give her the night off. Not a cook? Take the initiative (that means making the reservation yourself) to take the entire family to a nice dinner.
  • Give her flowers. Mix it up a little, what is her favorite color, would she rather have a small plant that will bloom every year or is she more of a wild flower kind of girl? By now you probably know, but just in case, there are a variety of local florists who could probably help you pick out something nice given the opportunity.
  • Arrange a Girl’s Day. Sometimes a woman just needs time with friends (not necessarily on Mother’s Day).
  • Get your kids involved. Organize a craft project for your kids to make cards, picture frames, a personalized pencil cup or a decorated flower vase. Think of something she could look at all year long. Hint: the Internet is a great place to find “Do it yourself or DIY” projects.
  • Tell her about our Motivated Mommy Pinterest Scavenger hunt. She could win Aces Tickets or the grand-prize – an iPad!
  • What has she done for you? One of the greatest hints is to think back to what you got for Father’s day last year (cards, picture frame, dinner, movie night, etc) she probably wants that too.

We’re hoping this short list inspires a few creative ideas. Did we miss anything? What are some other ways you have celebrated Mother’s Day that stuck with you?