On the Wings of Butterflies: Renown Hospice Honors Friends We’ve Lost


Watch as several dozen butterflies were released into Fianna’s Healing Garden during Renown Hospice Care’s inaugural remembrance ceremony.

Family members, friends and Renown employees gathered in Fianna’s Healing Garden Sept. 19 to remember and honor loved ones who were cared for in the past year by Renown Hospice Care.

Renown President and CEO Tony Slonim, MD, DrPh, reflected on his own experience as a young physician caring for his grandmother in an environment without technology or equipment.

“It was at home holding my grandmother in my arms and helping her that made such a difference,” Slonim said.


Renown Hospice Care, which has cared for hundreds of families in our community since opening two years ago, worked with Nevada Bugs and Butterflies for several months to ensure the was memorable for attendees.

The butterflies were temporarily housed in individual mesh containers before they were released into the garden. Fianna’s was selected because it has good nectar plants, low use of pesticides and is a space where butterflies can find shelter. They were raised in a lab and tagged so they can be documented and cataloged as part of a scientific study. This helps boost the overall monarch population, which has declined on the West Coast by about 80 percent over the past 30 years.

To learn more about Renown Hospice Care, visit renown.org/hospice or call 775-982-2828.


  1. What a wonderful program, not just for the families and loved ones but for the butterflies also. Kudo's to you for thinking of everything.