Business Leaders Become Principal for a Day


They may appear to be distinct entities, but industry and education are more closely connected than you might think. Recently, executives who participated in the Principal for a Day Program gained greater insight into how the two can work together to better our community.

Educators have an immense responsibility, and one can only imagine the challenges a principal faces daily. Educators and administrators are entrusted with the all-important tasks of instructing, guiding and nurturing children from pre-k through 12th grade.

To gain a greater understanding of the nuances and responsibilities inherent to guiding area youth, local business executives were invited to participate in a unique opportunity through the Washoe County School District: Principal for a Day.

Business Leaders Become Principal for a Day

A Community Partnership to Further Education

Tammy Hart, Principal, Spanish Springs High School, points out that industry and education align because both exist to serve others. And program participants agree a partnership of the two will improve upon the educational experience in Washoe County and, in turn, benefit the community.

“This is a great opportunity for industry and educators to connect and see what the workforce really looks like,” notes Valerie Cotta, Workforce Development Program Manager, EDAWN. Principals touch on the need to listen to local businesses, know and understand their needs, and translate those needs into school curriculum to better educate and prepare students for college and the workforce.

Students at AACT

Take the Academy of Arts, Careers and Technologies (AACT), for example. Mark Behl, Vice President, Renown Health and CEO, Renown Medical Group, visited AACT and witnessed how the school’s medical academy is looking to serve healthcare needs in the area through “…the opportunity to further develop our future healthcare providers in the community.”

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Traci Davis, Superintendent, Washoe County District, champions industry and education working together. “This is another wonderful opportunity for us to have a great partnership with our community and see what happens in education,” she says, “and continue to have good feedback about how we make it better — not just as a district, but as a community.”

For more information about how Renown Health connects to the local community to improve quality of life in Washoe County, read our 2015 Report to the Community.