A Lifetime Love Affair Rekindled

Silverhardt with art
Hometown Health employee Katherine Silverhardt entered two of her artistic creations into an employee Artown display.

Katherine Silverhardt finds peace, comfort and inspiration in an old flame — art.

Katherine Silverhardt was born an artist.

Just ask her. She’ll tell you she feels as if she’s been creating works of art her entire life; connecting with her artistic side has always been “a really calming, therapeutic thing for me.”

And last summer Silverhardt had the opportunity to share that passion with fellow employees thanks to Hometown Health, which hosted a venue during Artown wherein employees could display their work. Silverhardt, a customer service representative with Hometown Health, jumped on the opportunity and created two unique pieces as part of the Artown festivities.

Silverhardt found the inspiration for her first piece in nature and laughs when explaining her choice in subject matter. “I feel like a cheetah sometimes! I’m not really that fast, but I do feel like an active person and I’m super playful,” she exclaims. “I feel in our work environment that sometimes the best thing is to be playful when it’s appropriate.” And with that momentum Silverhardt went on to create an image of cheetah using charcoal and lead pencil.

She looked to the Victorian era to inspire her second work. “I very much love the Victorian era, and I really love the clothes of that time.” Silverhardt proceeded to recreate a school portrait from that era with — surprisingly — paint-color chips from her brother’s painting company. She simply cut up the chips and reassembled them to create the image.

That experience reignited Silverhardt’s love for visual expression and planted in her a desire to continue producing art and sharing her works with others. Her recent visit to Midtown Reno art gallery and studio Picasso & Wine reconfirmed that craving for her. It’s where she wants to be creatively. For Silverhardt, “it was just nice to be around that environment.”

Her love of art has become a family affair. Sons Tyler (18) and Curtis (14) enjoy working on art projects with mom and have created paintings with her among other works. She sees herself in both boys: Although Tyler likes working creatively with his mother, Silverhardt recognizes in him more of her “goofiness, but Tyler got the artistic love.”

And for Silverhardt, it’s as though she’s been reunited with her first love. “Art is very healing for me,” she says. “Life goes so fast, and any reason to slow down and do something artistic, something that has a form to it, that’s a good thing.”