Artist Spotlight: Kate Aubrey

Aubrey mother lode
Kate Aubrey
Kate Aubrey specializes in watercolor painting.

A devoted watercolorist, Kate Aubrey’s paintings include all genres from landscape to figure, her personal favorites being figure and florals. Best known for her series of old Nevada steam locomotive paintings featuring volunteers at the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Aubrey continues to be fascinated by the combination of machinery and men. She had also created a series depicting landscapes in Nevada, California, Colorado and England – her favorite places to paint.

“Art is heart-to-heart communication. It’s about feelings and being human and our place in Creation. Art is revered from century to century, across borders and continents; it’s the universal language. If I capture the image and miss the feeling, it’s just drafting. The painting has to speak.”

Currently, 21 of her paintings are displayed in patient rooms in the Tahoe Tower at Renown Regional Medical Center.

Aubrey mother lode
Kate Aubrey
Mother Lode
Tahoe Tower, Room 30

About the Renown Art Collection
At Renown Health, we’re working to create an environment that transcends the boundaries of traditional medicine. For centuries, cultures around the world have used all mediums of art to inspire healing. Restoring our patients’ health means combining the best in skill, expertise and technology with extraordinary techniques, which is why our art collection features more than 1,000 works of original art – many from local artists. You can explore the healing power of artwork for yourself in our online art database.


    • Hi Terry, We have received your inquiry on the "Artist Spotlight: Kate Aubrey" story. First of all, there are currently several artists on display at South Meadows. The first one is Eileen Fuller. You can find her work on Arts4Nevada for reference. The other artwork on display is from a variety of artists from Sierra Watercolor Society. If the artist you're interested in isn't Eileen, please contact SWS at (775) 626 2965 or at I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you for reading BestMEDICINE! Kat