8 Active Date Ideas to Get Your Heart Racing

rear view of a couple walking on the street

You and your significant other still have that ‘spark,’ so your time together should still have it too! Get creative – and active – with these unique date ideas.

While dinner and a movie are usually a safe bet for date night, are you feeling bored with the same routine? Busy schedules can make time alone with your significant other a rarity, so why not use that time to really connect with your partner and create a memorable experience? So hire a babysitter if the kids are still little, pick out a new outfit and let these ideas inspire you to plan something special with your loved one!

8 Valentine’s Day — or ANY Day — Date Ideas

1. Explore your own town.

It’s easy to overlook the great activities and sites in your own backyard. Spend the afternoon at a local museum or art gallery, or just wander around downtown. Pack a picnic lunch or enjoy a new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try.

2. Go to a local sporting event — even if it’s a high school game.

The energy of the crowd and a sense of team spirit will rub off and make you both feel like kids again. It might even inspire you to go home and shoot some hoops or play a game of backyard catch!

3. Work on a home improvement project together.

Sure, this may sound like a sneaky way to check something off the ‘honey-do’ list, but finishing a project together brings a heightened sense of accomplishment. As an added benefit, doing a task with someone you care about makes it feel less like a chore.

4. Just play!

Get in touch with your inner child – go miniature golfing, check out the batting cages, go bowling or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try an indoor trampoline park. You’re sure to share plenty of laughs and make great new memories!

5. Volunteer together.

Find a cause you are both passionate about and schedule a day dedicated to helping a local organization that supports it. Whether it’s walking dogs at the animal shelter, participating in a trail clean-up or serving meals for the homeless, you’ll spend time bonding while giving back to your community. You can find volunteer opportunities near you at Nevadavolunteers.org.


6. Take it outside.

Northern Nevada has no shortage of open spaces so find a new hiking trail to explore, spend the day skiing or try snowshoeing. Even taking a walk around the neighborhood will get your blood pumping and leave you feeling energized.

7. Get cooking.

If you both love to cook, plan a meal together. Mix it up and make a new dish or plan a full four-course spread. From planning to grocery shopping to cooking, the entire process is a perfect chance to connect with the one you love. If you are new to cooking or want to expand your culinary horizons, cooking classes are a great (and delicious!) way to spend time together.

8. Share the fun with friends.

One-on-one time is important in a relationship, but it’s fun to spend quality time with friends as well. Plan a game night, get a group together for a game of touch football at a local park or — if you’re feeling really adventurous — you can plan your own outdoor Geocaching adventure.

Bonus idea: If dining out is still part of your date night plans, choose lighter menu options and enjoy your dessert in moderation. And if you can incorporate a walk before or after dinner, your heart and waistline will thank you!


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