5 Date Night Ideas for Renoites

5 Date Night Ideas for Reno-ians

It’s hard not to notice that special day in February is quickly approaching. The grocery stores have begun decorating their entrances with pink hearts, and aisles are beginning to fill with roses, candy hearts, mounds of5 Date Night Ideas for Reno-ians chocolates and oversized stuffed bears.

While it’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s also important to show your loved one you care on other occasions, too. In honor of being romantic more than just one day a year, we’ve come up with five date night ideas for Renoites (which is a fancy way of saying Reno locals).

AcroYoga at The Studio

AcroYoga is a fun way to experiment with your partner and stay active. It requires trust and playfulness as you combine the relaxation of yoga with the balance of acrobatics. The Studio offers an AcroYoga class for all skill levels of yogis. Spend the night balancing each other out.

Live Shows & Plays

Don’t end your night with just dinner. Instead, head over to Brüka Theatre for a show. Brüka has shows and plays going on throughout the week… and, you can show your support local actresses and actors.

Cooking Classes

Taking a cooking class together may be slightly cliché, but it’s a great way to switch things up from your typical date night. Nothing To It offers classes during the week for different styles and levels of cooking from the basic techniques to international cuisine.