Renown Health Celebrates Pride Month

pride month

The month of June is Pride Month, a celebration of LGBTQ+ communities. Dr. Tony Slonim, president and CEO of Renown says, “At Renown we are proud to support our LGBTQ+ communities. During Pride Month and beyond, we are honored to offer an inclusive, safe environment for our staff and patients—one that celebrates diversity in all its forms.”

Renown is committed to addressing the social determinants of health, which are the conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.

Illuminating the LOVE Sculpture with Rainbow LED Lights

Throughout the month of June, the LOVE sculpture in front of Renown Regional will glow with the colors of the rainbow. This is in commemoration of the individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ that make up a portion of Renown’s 7,000 employees. Go see the rainbow LOVE sculpture for yourself, and if you take a share on social media by tagging @RenownHealth and using #RenownLife!

pride month

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Recognizing our Employees Who Identify as LGBTQ+

In commemoration of Pride Month, we’ve highlighted some of the LGBTQ+ individuals who make up a portion of Renown’s 7,000 employees. Here are a few staff highlights.

Sean Savoy, Manager of Spiritual Care at Renown.

pride month

Sean Savoy is the Manager of Spiritual Care at Renown Health. He shared, “The foundation of spiritual care is compassion – being with people in need by caring, supporting, and showing empathy, and promoting a sense of well-being. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community informs that deep sense of compassion and empathy in a very special and unique way. Our human value, social validity, the very reality of who and what we are, even our right to exist, love and just be, are often called into question.”

“This, in turn, can cause many of us to question ourselves and wonder about our self-worth. This experience should engender compassion and empathy so that we can better recognize, listen to and meet others’ needs to help them achieve inner peace, explore coping strategies to overcome obstacles during illness or crisis, and even find new balance by re-conceptualizing themselves in the context of health and illness. I have found that the intersectionality of my gay and spiritual selves has been a blessing in my life,” said Sean.

Mel Morris, Director of Renown Transfer Center

pride month

We’re very happy that she recently chose to move here from Virgina. She says that “inclusivity comes in many flavors. I’m proud to represent one of the many communities that collectively makes us all a better team working together.” She encourages us to “embrace each other’s individuality without getting caught up in labels!”

Jake Bush, Applications Specialist

Jake has been with Renown since the beginning of 2020. He shares that, “healthcare has always been a frontline industry to work with, adopt and develop new technology with the common goal of improving patient care. My role affords me the opportunity to improve the quality of care Renown provides our community by collaborating with our healthcare providers at all levels to enhance the technologies we use throughout our care network.”

“The goal of the LGBTQ+ rights movement is summed up in one word: equality. I am equal at Renown. I work in a culture where I am accepted for who I am, without question, and judged only for the quality of my work. Showing up for work at Renown does not mean showing up to defend my community or myself, it means showing up to Fight the Good Fight alongside my peers,” said Jake.

Matthew Maloy, Team Lead Applications Specialist

pride month

Matthew Maloy has been with Renown for 15 years. He shared that, “Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community influences my daily work by ensuring the Electronic Health Record reflects best practices such as giving clinicians the ability to document a preferred name, and displaying that throughout the medical record for consistency. Having the ability to influence decisions that move our community toward human value for all of us is a priority in my daily work.”