Mega Heart Delivers Learning and Mega Fun


February is American Heart Month, and Renown Health is offering talks, events and information to bring more attention to heart disease and prevention, including a recent MEGA Heart exhibit at The Discovery.

It’s not everyday that you get to take a walk through one of your vital organs. But on Feb. 17-18, visitors to The Discovery had the opportunity to explore the MEGA Heart — an enormous model of the human heart — to learn about cardiovascular functions, observe examples of various types of heart disease, and see displays explaining some of the latest medical treatments for heart problems.

As part of Heart Month, Renown Health partnered with The Discovery to bring the MEGA Heart display to Reno. The blow-up heart replicates the human heart in an interactive way that teaches both children and adults how this vital organ functions. Visitors gave the exhibit a wholehearted thumbs up.

“I really like how you guys put the actual lights of the blood vessel and the blood pumping down,” says 8-year-old Jacob Ferrante. “It’s pretty good.”