‘Heart Health,’ Defined: A Story of Fate and Family


When Brett entered Renown, he had concerns about his heart health; little did he know he’d leave with a fuller, healthier heart thanks to a fateful adoption. Meet Brett and Jonathan, who were in the hospital for different reasons — but left as family. 

When Brett Davis ended up at Renown Health after experiencing prolonged heartburn, he began a fight for his life. Coincidentally, there was another patient at Renown who was also fighting to survive.

Pursuing Heart Health

Davis’ heartburn was actually a heart attack, which was treated with five stents to open his blocked arteries. He then attended the Renown Healthy Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to learn lifestyle changes to prevent another heart attack. Unbeknownst to him, while he was in the program, his future son Jonathan was recovering in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after a difficult birth.


During Davis’ heart rehabilitation, he and his wife completed the necessary paperwork to be able to adopt. And within three weeks, they received a call about newborn Jonathan — and about how they had been getting treatment at Renown at the exact same time.

Renown Healthy Heart Cardiac Rehab

Talk with your doctor to see if you qualify for The Healthy Heart Program. Unlike traditional cardiac rehabilitation that focuses on exercise alone, intensive cardiac rehabilitation incorporates healthy eating and healthy thinking in addition to exercise.

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