Bike Month Social Distancing Guide

celebrate bike month while social distancing

May is National Bike Month. This year you can enjoy the weather and social distance while enjoying some outdoor exercise, too. Lynice Anderson, Director of the Healthy Heart Program at Renown, shared a few exercises to strengthen our bike riding muscles.

Let’s face it: the weather is beautiful and we are all itching to get outside despite the social distancing recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). 

Luckily, there are plenty of good bike trails around, just make sure to brush up on your knowledge of local bike laws here.

Five Bike Trails to Check Out

Below are a few great bike trails to check out in the area. Remember, it is best practice to wear a face mask while in public spaces and to maintain a six-foot distance between others.

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  1. Explore Reno-Sparks by bike. This map shows different bike routes around the Reno-Sparks area.
  2. Tahoe-Pyramid Trail. There are five different sections of this bike path with different levels of difficulty. Riders may choose to ride a section, or ride the entire 115-mile path.
  3. Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail. Pack up the bikes and head to Tahoe for this six-mile round trip bike ride.
  4. The McCarran loop. Feeling ready for a physical challenge? Try riding the almost 25-mile McCarran loop.
  5. Peavine mountain bike trails. Are you more of the mountain-biking type? There are a handful of trails on Peavine, with varying levels of difficulty.


Exercises to Prepare for Bike Riding

Has it been a while since you hopped on a bike? Use the following two simple exercises to work out those bike-riding muscles before your next adventure in the saddle.

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Lunges are a great way to strengthen all of your leg muscles. And they also get your heart rate up if done consistently.

To perform a lunge: Step forward and bend both knees to 70-80 degrees. Let your pelvis drop straight down without shifting weight over your front knee and loading evenly on both legs. Start with 10 lunges on each side for 3 repetitions


Planks strengthen all of your core muscles, your back, arms, shoulders and legs.  This exercise also helps improve posture. Be sure to keep your spine straight and in line with your head. Do not raise your butt or drop your hips! Start with a hold of 10-15 seconds for 5 reps and work your way up to 60 seconds.

Kick off your summer of heart health by celebrating Bike Month this May – social distancing style.