Watch: Reno Artist Gets ‘Second Chance’ After Heart Surgery


Research shows that women have different heart disease symptoms than men, and Reno resident Janice Marini was no different. Her symptoms didn’t alert her to a problem — until a visit to a cardiologist alerted her to a need for heart surgery.

Painting is a passion for heart disease survivor Janice Marini, who had to put her hobby aside while she dealt with a much unexpected heart surgery.

Janice had a heart murmur for years, but didn’t think much about it. Then her primary care physician recommended she see a specialist.

“She said you’ve had this murmur for a long time. Let’s send you to a cardiologist to be on the safe side,” explained Janice.

Watch Janice’s Story:

That first visit to Renown Cardiologist John Grinsell, MD, led to regular checkups and eventually heart surgery.

janice marini heart surgery

Janice didn’t have what she considered normal symptoms of heart failure — she was just unusually tired.

“They did give me a second chance. I don’t know that I would be sitting here for many more years if it had just gone on undetected,” disclosed Janice.

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