Heart Patient Fights AFib with Help From Her Favorite Celebrity Chef


With the help of her favorite chef, Bonnie Buckley is recovering from chronic AFib. Here she describes the lifestyle changes that are leading to a healthier life.

Earlier this year, 82-year-old Bonnie Buckley was rushed by ambulance to Renown Health, where she was treated for chronic AFib (Atrial fibrillation). This condition is a quivering or irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

Because of this and after spending several days in the hospital, she was referred to the Renown Healthy Heart Rehabilitation Program.


“It requires a lifestyle change, and I had a certain way of cooking. First I was kind of resistant,” says Buckley.

Despite her resistance, Buckley and her husband, Michael, became star students of the program as they embraced the workouts and cooking classes.

Fighting AFib with Flair

And Buckley was a little star-struck with Chef Chris Wyatt, Renown Community Culinary and Wellness Manager.

Our Renown staff arranged a surprise visit by Wyatt during the filming of this story in which Buckley demonstrated her new culinary skills.

“It’s wonderful. Actually, I’m just all a-flutter,” says Buckley. “The healthy heart chef, Chris Wyatt is wonderful. He comes on like a star. You can just tell he’s star quality. I think he compares well with any of the chefs that you see on TV doing the programs.”

Wyatt teaches the Pritikin principles of going without sugar, salt, fat and also processed foods.

“When you’ve had the kind of cardiac event that I had or worse, you sometimes would feel that your prospects for recovery are dim. And I’m back to normal,” says Buckley.

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