3 Important Tips for Heart Attack Recovery


If you (or a loved one) has experienced a heart attack the recovery process can feel overwhelming. The experts at Renown’s new Healthy Heart Program are here to help you adjust to a new way of life.

Adjusting to a “new normal” following a heart attack takes time, so be patient. It’s normal to feel sad, fearful or even angry. A heart attack means your heart has been damaged, so lifestyle changes are necessary. But there’s no need to go it alone. The experts at Renown’s new Healthy Heart Program are here for you with three helpful tips to ensure you can enjoy many more years of an active life.

Join a proven program. Cardiac rehabilitation is typically prescribed after a heart attack, usually focusing on 36 exercise sessions. However, Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health is now offering the Healthy Heart Program on the Renown South Meadows Medical Center campus based on the Pritikin ICRTM  (Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation) program. The Pritikin Program has been taught to more than 100,000 individuals for more than 40 years at the Pritikin Longevity Center

Qualified patients can attend 72 Pritikin ICRTM sessions, providing them with more resources and education to not only recover from a heart attack, but to improve their ongoing well-being. Participants also receive a personal plan to follow after the program.

“Our staff of registered dietitians and exercise physiologists will work with you to create a personal meal plan and exercise prescription that you can continue after you have completed the program,” says Lynice Anderson, director of Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Eat for health. Fruits and vegetable are at the core of a heart-healthy diet. One of the factors setting the Healthy Heart Program apart from traditional cardiac rehab programs is a focus on a more plant-based diet. The Pritikin ICR program teaches patients how to sustain a heart-healthy eating plan with education on smart grocery shopping, heart-healthy cooking demonstrations and the best options to order at restaurants.

Relax your mind. A lot of articles have been written on the negative effects of stress on the heart. Managing stress and fostering a mindset to reinforce healthy behaviors is crucial to successful heart attack recovery. A healthy mindset is one of the three pillars of the Healthy Heart/Pritikin ICR program along with healthy eating and effective, monitored exercise.