Chuck and Suzie: A Heart-Healthy Love Affair


For 34 years, Chuck and Suzie Dornbach have done nearly everything together — including attending each other’s doctor’s appointments.

“We are absolutely, totally devoted to each other,” Suzie says. “I told my doctor I want to live for another 200 years and I want Chuck to live another 200 years.”

The lovebirds met the “old fashioned way” — through mutual friends at a saloon. They have been together ever since.

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“We really like being together,” Chuck says, “and it’s a joy to wake up and it’s a joy to go to bed.” 

Life threw them a curve when Chuck went to Renown to have his heart checked. During a test, he had a heart attack on the table.”I have five stents in my right coronary artery,” Chuck says. “I was 99 percent blocked.” 

After a hospital stay, Chuck completed his rehabilitation at Renown. During his rehab, a nurse asked Suzie if she wanted her blood pressure checked. “Come to find out,” Suzie says, “I had gone from always having low blood pressure to high blood pressure, which was a surprise.”

Suzie has cut salt from her diet, while Chuck has cut sugar and fat from his diet.

“The thing that’s nice about this is that we are both able to walk together. And we egg each other on,” says Suzie.

This Valentine’s Day, we toast to Chuck and Suzie. Here’s to many more heart-healthy years together!

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