Winnemucca Miner Leaves Renown Rehab With Hope for Recovery


Following a stoke on the job at a Winnemucca mine, 46-year-old Scott Christiansen found rehabilitation and hope at Renown.

Having a stroke was a shock to 46-year-old Scott Christiansen and his wife, Dawn. “I was in the best shape of my life,” Christiansen says. “I was doing CrossFit five days a week and had just finished a CrossFit competition that I did really well in.”

Christiansen had a stroke Feb. 17, 2017 while he was working at the Midas Mine north of Winnemucca. Another miner who was with him, Devin Dins, used the underground rescue training he learned at the mine to quickly recognize the signs of a stroke and seek emergency care.

“They did a fast and accurate assessment of my condition, which helped with my recovery because they were so quick. I really owe those guys a lot,” Christiansen says.


After the stroke, Christiansen spent five weeks at Renown Regional Medical Center before he began his recovery at the Renown Rehabilitation Hospital.

“I’m just really proud of him,” says Renown Physical Therapist Josh Patterson, DPT. “He let us do some crazy things in therapy to try to see how much we can help him improve. He started walking for the first time, which has been really exciting.”

Christiansen left the Renown Rehab Center for rehabilitation closer to their family’s home in Winnemucca.

“When we got here I didn’t know what we were going to be looking at,” Dawn Christiansen says. “With the therapies he’s received, I have hope. We have hope.”


  1. well done, and bravo! THIS is why I love being a part of this team! THIS is my goal for each and every person that comes to my be able to go home and the highest level of function possible, with their head held high! Thank you, so much, for the inspiration that your work has given!
  2. Fantastic job to the physical therapy team and neurology partners working with Scott. Your care is making an important difference for him and his family. Great to see him showing his sense of humor in the video!