Water Safety: Objects May be Closer Than They Appear

Feet First Water Safety

Being aware of what could be lurking just below the water’s surface could save your life.

Warmer temperatures and longer days often mean day-trips to lakes and rivers. As you head toward your cool-off destination of choice, remember to jump in with your feet first.

Of the roughly 1,000 annual spinal injuries caused by diving accidents, 90 percent result in paralysis, according to the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation. Most of the injuries occurred in water less than 6 feet deep. Feet First Water Safety


How can you practice water safety this summer?

  • Be aware of posted signs such as “no diving”
  • Remember to avoid diving and swimming in areas where the water appears murky, as there may be both objects and organisms lurking within
  • Never dive in water less than 9 feet deep
  • Always test the water with your feet first