Volunteering: 300 Strong at Renown Health


From the Emergency Room and surgery to the Children’s Hospital and bedside programs, volunteers make up a large part of our support and care system. Find out what makes Renown Health’s volunteers so inspiring.

The most recent report from The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that volunteer numbers are down. They are the lowest, in fact, since the survey was first conducted 13 years ago.

Renown Health, however, has not been impacted. volunteers

We are fortunate to have a strong pool of volunteers that continues to grow. We reap the benefits of more than 300 volunteers donating approximately 50,000 service hours to Renown Health annually.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to say no to volunteering: With stressful jobs, tight finances and demanding family responsibilities, it seems there is little time left to volunteer.

But our dedicated volunteers believe there are more reasons to say yes to volunteer service.

Rosemary Evans underwent successful same-day surgery for malignant melanoma at Renown Regional. “They saved my life here, and that’s why I volunteer here.” 

She says she loves working with the staff. “The nurses here in same-day surgery are amazing. They work so well together and are so grateful for the help I give them.”

Ratna Anand volunteers in the Emergency Room. “I like to give back to the community. When I do this volunteer work I feel satisfied. I feel happy.”

Volunteer Nathanial Escorial is in medical school. “It’s kind of hard to say you want to be a physician without getting in a hospital and seeing what it’s like and dealing with sick people.” For Nathaniel, the opportunity to volunteer and work with patients has affirmed his career path and desire to help others.

Learn more about these compassionate individuals and their dedication to volunteering. Check out the brief video and visit renown.org/volunteer for more information.