USA Today Brings Millennials Together for Nevada Healthcare Convo

One Nation

USA Today and the Reno Gazette-Journal brought “One Nation” to Reno last week, engaging millennials in a discussion about healthcare and providing insights from local and regional panelists.

One Nation
Via One Nation/Twitter (@onenation)

Topics like telemedicine, healthcare costs, crowdfunding for medical expenses and more were in focus during the recent “One Nation: Healthcare” event, one of 10 USA Today-sponsored events across the country highlighting important issues as they relate to younger generations leading up to the presidential elections. 

Renown sponsored the event in Reno, helping to engage younger members of our community in this important conversation about healthcare. 

In Focus: Millennials and Healthcare

In advance of the event, USA Today and the Reno Gazette-Journal compiled a series of stories shining a spotlight on healthcare in our nation, mostly oriented to those in the millennial generation. Some of the topics: 

  • Facts about millennials and the healthcare system
  • The demand for new doctors to meet community needs
  • How the presidential candidates differ on healthcare topics
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Via One Nation/Twitter (@onenation)

Overall, the event focused on the future of healthcare and how voters can help shape outcomes as they relate to this vital community service. 

Dr. Slonim, Renown President and CEO, took the opportunity to talk about social determinants of health and how they impact the healthcare a community receives — as well as the community’s overall health. 

“To create a healthy community, we have to think about social determinants of health,” he said during the event, noting that healthcare organizations have a responsibility to promote overall health rather than just deliver healthcare. 

For more information about the social determinants of health, read “A New Way of Thinking About Health in the Silver State,” an article written by Dr. Slonim for Nevada Business Magazine.