Twins Fight for Life and Country — Together


Amy and Steve were in shock when Amy was told at 30 weeks pregnant their twins would need to be delivered right away. Eighteen years later, these twins — who began life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Renown Children’s Hospital — have grown into healthy adults and are embarking on similar paths in the military. 

An Unsure Time for Parents of Twins

“I was 30 weeks pregnant,” says Amy. “And here I was going into the hospital with barely even a belly.” That evening, Amy and Steve were told their twin babies needed to be delivered. “I was very worried if the kids were going to be okay and if they were going to be developed.”

The first-time parents knew nothing about premature babies, only that they were very small. Nurses at the hospital reassured the parents that the twins, each three pounds, would be okay. “They just said, ‘We got you,'” says Amy.

What’s Next for Former NICU Twins?

Fast-forward 18 years and these NICU twins have grown into healthy adults who have recently graduated from high school. What’s next for the twins?

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“I decided to join the Marines because I’ve always been interested in serving,” says Jack, Amy and Steve’s son. “Being an athlete, I try to be the best – and the Marines are the best.”

And his sister isn’t far behind him. “I remember sitting there the night he officially signed his paperwork,” says Holly. “And I was like, ‘Why am I not doing this?'” Eager to see the world and serve her country, Holly knew what she wanted to do next. A couple of months later, Holly also enlisted with the Marines.

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Strong Family Ties

The twins hope to stay in touch and relate to what each other are going through by writing letters, and of course, texting and phone calls. “He’s going to become a Marine first, but I’m going to get promoted first,” jokes Holly.

“Seeing the two of them and how healthy and strong and ambitious they are,” says Steve, “Is there a greater feeling? I don’t think so.”

Amy, who now works at Renown, is excited for every chance she gets to give back to the Children’s Hospital that helped her twins grown into healthy, happy adults.

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