True Grit: Man Overcomes Stroke With Rehab and Determination


In the second segment of a two-part series about Bruce Mackay, we look at how Mackay’s determination, along with advances in rehab technology, have helped him recover from a stroke.

“I’ll reach a point where I’m tired and they say, ‘do an extra set,'” says Bruce Mackay, who is working hard to overcome the effects of a stroke. “I tell you, the folks at the Renown Rehabilitation Hospital are adamant. They want us to survive, get better and get out.” 

And get better he has. Working with occupational therapists and cutting-edge electric stimulation equipment, Mackay says he’s feeling like himself again.

“It’s just a lot of minor things that add up to major things,” Mackay says. “I’ve made so much progress in the past. If I continue, I’ll be as good as new. That’s what I hope to do.”