Taking Control: At-Home Dialysis Gives Patient More Freedom


In the second installment of our three-part series, we follow the journey of Kerry Kozlowski as she endures kidney failure, dialysis and the search for a kidney donor. This is her story.

When Kerry Kozlowski was diagnosed with kidney failure, she read everything she could about her condition. She opted for a different type of dialysis — peritoneal dialysis — a treatment that can be administered in the comfort of her own home while she is resting. Kozlowski preferred this at-home treatment over the more traditional in-center hemodialysis because it gave her more time with her family.

“It’s really a different approach,” Kozlowski says. “It has truly given me my life back.” 

Kozlowski learned of the dialysis procedure from DaVita dialysis nurse Pat “Pete” Rengert-Sveen, RN.

“I tell everyone, ‘just ask questions, just ask.’ And you’ll get by okay,” Rengert-Sveen says. “My ultimate goal is to give my patients the skills and the knowledge that they need, so they feel confident and can stand on their own and take care of themselves.”

In part three of this series, follow Kozlowski’s journey to find a kidney donor.