Six Steps to a Healthier You!

Six Steps to a Healthier You!

Brandon Dey of Dey Fit Endurance Training offers six steps to a healthier you.

According to a Gallop poll in 2013, 51 percent of Americans want to lose weight but only half of those are taking steps toward their weight-loss goals. In today’s society we are almost paralyzed by the amount of information out there on weight loss. Where do you start? With diet, exercise or the latest fitness craze?  Six Steps to a Healthier You!

We are constantly exposed to a barrage of misleading marketing tactics. We want results to come at the speed of technology. We are always looking for the easiest possible solution that gives us the best possible result.

Just take a look at an internet search for “how to lose weight.” Ideally, the first results would point you to reputable authorities on the subject of weight loss. Instead, we see ads selling you weight loss supplements and listings where words “fast” and “easy” are common place.

No one diet works for everyone. Paleo, Atkins, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian diets work for some, others have the ability to eat anything with which they come into contact. In the end making great decisions based on your ideal lifestyle is the answer. Diets are temporary; changing your lifestyle is forever. It is not easy; if it were, we’d all have perfectly defined bodies. Before you go jumping into changing your entire life, try taking some small steps for a couple months. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at the impact little changes to daily habits will bring.

#1: Take it slow.

Make your goal 1 pound a week. By setting a very reasonable goal, you’ll set yourself up for success. Weight loss TV shows, as great and inspiring as they are, they produce extreme results that few of us can actually attain. People on those shows spend all day and night working out with personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists. Rather than changing your whole lifestyle overnight, try to take it slow. Each Sunday review your choices from the last week, select one poor decision and replace it with a good decision this week. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. Increasing your activity and cutting just a couple of diet calories you can slash 500 calories a day fairly easily.

#2 Be accountable.

How many times have you made a goal and said “next week I’ll start?” You get to that next week and then you push it back again. Most of us are scared to start because it means we actually have to perform and risk failure. Leaving it up to ourselves, we’ll rationalize a way to push it back until the perfect time, which will never happen. Instead; I propose that you pick this Monday. Go to your computer today and type up three goals, one for next month, three months from now and another six months from now. Putting the goals to paper will help jumpstart the process. Now print out at least four pages with those goals on them. Tape one to your fridge door, tape one to your bathroom mirror, tape one to the middle of your steering wheel and the extra one can go wherever you are most susceptible to going off track from those goals (e.g. freezer, liquor cabinet, cookie jar etc.). Don’t underestimate the power of this process. You will be reminded constantly of the track you want to be on. In those precious seconds of weakness that we all have, those goal pages will pull you back from the edge.

#3 Drink up.

Water is key to weight loss and a healthy body; it flushes our system of toxins. Much of the time you feel hungry it is actually your body trying to remind you that you’re thirsty. Divide your body weight by three and that will give you a baseline in ounces for the amount of water you should be drinking daily. If you workout, you’ll need to drink even more.

Take a 24-32 ounce water bottle and divide it into thirds with tape marks. Make sure to drink the first third before you leave the house in the morning. Drink the second third before 10am, and finish the bottle off before lunch. You’ll be half way to your goal by noon! Try to drink 5-10 ounces of water at least 10 minutes before each meal to help get a jumpstart on satiation.

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