Resuming Your Doctor Appointments


It’s likely you’ve fallen out of your normal routines, and putting your doctor appointments on the back burner is no surprise. The good news is Renown Health is prepared with new processes and procedures to ensure your utmost safety.

Derek Beenfeldt, MD, Renown Health Chair of Primary Care & Urgent Care, outlines the safety measures that are in place at all of our hospitals and medical group locations. We encourage you to schedule any appointments you’ve been putting off for you or your family.
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6 Processes in Place for a Safe and Healthy Visit

  1. It starts with hello. When you call to make an appointment to see your medical provider, you will talk to a specialist at our Customer Care Center. The specialist will screen you to make sure you have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and that you don’t have symptoms of a respiratory illness. A triage team is in place to help determine the best care for you.
  2. We ask everyone to wear a protective mask. Please bring and wear a face mask when coming to any Renown location.
  3. We’re following social distancing guidelines. When you arrive, you will be screened again either in your car or outside the practice. We stagger patient visits so there is no sitting in the waiting room.
  4. We are here to give you the best care in the safest environment. Sometimes that is in-person at one of our practices, or a virtual visit may be more appropriate.
  5. Our teams are taking extra precautions to ensure a safe environment. Our environmental services team, comprised of 168 members, performs extensive disinfecting measures throughout the day.

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Staying healthy and safe means taking care of yourself. We encourage you to keep your health on track by not delaying preventive or urgent healthcare needs.

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