Renown Rehabilitation Hospital is Getting a Makeover


Upcoming changes will bring even more state-of-the-art therapies to patients at the rehabilitation hospital.

Imagine losing the capacity to complete the simple tasks we perform every day like bathing, preparing a meal or driving a car. What if you lost the ability to walk or speak?

Renown Rehabilitation Hospital helps patients who have a suffered a stroke, brain injury or other traumas, as well as those recovering from surgery, heal and reclaim their quality of life. It’s why the services the rehab hospital provides are so vital to our community and our region — no other facility locally mirrors the level of patient care and treatment methods.\

“A catastrophic event can happen to anyone,” notes Stefan Humphries, MD, Medical Director at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital.

Currently, hospital renovations are underway.

Redesigned patient rooms, open communal spaces with views and natural light, and a new therapeutic activity training center are on the docket. And a Real Town environment will allow patients to practice life skills they’ll need post-hospital like using the ATM, pumping gas or grocery shopping.

These renovations will build upon the current successes of the hospital and further enhance the patient experience and healing process.

“I absolutely see miracles happen here each and every day,” says Dr. Humphries. “And I see our patients leave this hospital with a new lease on life.”