Renown Volunteers Give Time and Care to Patients


If you don’t think volunteering matters, consider this: What if tomorrow not a single volunteer showed up for “work” across the country. What would our neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, cities and towns, and homes for the elderly look like?

Think about it.

Needs would go unmet. Opportunities for social, individual and community growth would be lost — no meals for the hungry. No tutors at after-school programs. No fundraisers for the needy. No one reading to the elderly. Neighborhoods and parks becoming littered and unkempt.

Volunteers touch just about every aspect of our lives. And you probably cross paths with a volunteer or two every day.

Renown Volunteers: Helping to Support Healthcare volunteer_hp

If you walk the hallways of Renown Regional Medical Center or any of the healthcare network’s clinics or urgent care centers, you’re guaranteed to pass by multiple volunteers giving their time, talents and energy to assist medical staff and serve patients.

In fact, currently more than 300 volunteers at Renown dedicate approximately 50,000 hours of service annually.

Who are these volunteers?

They’re your friends and neighbors. They come from all walks of life with myriad experience — they are retirees, stay-at-home moms, students, working professionals, day laborers. Maybe even you.

Secora Bertolina, a former forensic interpreter and translator, wanted to do something of value with her extra time after retiring. She chose to fill those hours volunteering at Renown, doing something of value that she says makes her happy. “The satisfaction to make a difference in any small way and just being able to bring that to people in need.”

Secora loves the work. Actually, she finds it doesn’t even feel like work. “The bonus is that this is like a family.”

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Discover more about Secora and Diane Schebetta, another Renown volunteer, doing the extraordinary every day — and consider joining their ranks. Learn more at