Skip the Office Wait: Renown Urgent Care Check-In Goes Virtual

Virtual Check-In

Avoid the urgent care’s waiting room by checking-in virtually from home, work or on the go.

When you need to see a doctor – for an illness, minor injury or allergies – you might find yourself waiting to be see at urgent care. If you’ve ever thought, “Why can’t I check-in and come back when it’s my turn?” now you can.

Through Virtual Check-In you can get in line at any of our nine Renown Urgent Care locations from home, work, or even as you run errands.


Checking -in takes less than five minutes and can be completed via your phone, tablet or desktop. As you move through the line, text notifications to your phone will tell you when you’re estimated to reach the front.

Join a Line with Virtual Check-In

Learn more about how you can get started:

Renown Urgent Care Check-In Goes Virtual