Pulmonary Rehab Patient Now Dedicated to Giving Back


With her own diagnosis now under control, former pulmonary rehab patient Cindy Brenner now finds herself driven to give back. Watch her story. 

After Cindy Brenner got a devastating diagnosis from her doctor that she had COPD –chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — she put paddleboarding and other fun activities on hold.

“When someone says you’re sick and you have COPD, you feel like that’s the end because you are not going to be able to do anything,” says Brenner.

Her doctor referred her to Pulmonary Rehabilitation, which is located at Renown South Meadows Medical Center. Respiratory Specialist Kelley Cogliano says, “We showed her that with exercise, proper nutrition and taking your maintenance medications, we can keep you healthier longer than they have been doing for years.”

After completing the program and improving her own lung capacity, Brenner decided it was time to give back. She volunteers at Pulmonary Rehab one day a week. She also donates $500 from each commission she makes in her real estate business.

“I give back now because it helped me so much,” says Brenner. Due to her success, she even got to try her new paddleboard at the end of rehabilitation.

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