Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus in Your Car

Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus in Your Vehicle

Many of us spend several hours per day in our cars. If you’re driving your car during the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to clean it often to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides specific guidelines on how to disinfect every inch of your car. Here’s a quick guide to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your car.

How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus in Your Car

For hard, non-porous surfaces, the CDC advises cleaning off any visible dirt or debris with soap and water. Then apply an approved Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant, or any alcohol solution containing at least 70 percent alcohol. Non-porous car surfaces include:

  • The steering wheel – This high-touch area is filled with germs! Wipe down with disinfecting wipes upon entering your car.
  • The dashboard, door Handles and window controls – Passengers are unknowingly spreading germs while touching these areas. Wiping them down after every trip will help keep everyone healthy.
  • Cup holders – Use a disinfecting wipe, alcohol or interior cleaning solution to effectively clean this area. For hard to reach crevices, use a Q-tip.
  • Electronics – Refer to the manufacturer’s directions for disinfecting these more sensitive areas, as harsh chemicals may damage them. If you don’t have that info handy, use wipes or spray containing 70 percent alcohol.

For soft surfaces, the CDC recommends using a cleaner made specifically for them followed by one of the EPA Approved Products.

 Soft car surfaces include:

  • Seats and Upholstery – Germs can breed on fabric seats. Regularly vacuum your car paying special attention to dirty car seats.
  • Floor and floor mats – Remove them and clean with antibacterial soap and water. For carpeting, use the same solution to spot clean. Be aware that soaking the carpet can cause mold. Be sure to dry the mats and carpet completely before placing the mats back into the car. 

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Disinfect Your Car Daily

According to the CDC, you should disinfect “high-touch surfaces” daily. If you’re driving every day, this includes your car door handles, steering wheel, gearshift, car seat, and seat belt. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands to prevent the transfer of germs in the first place. 

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