Here’s How to Commemorate National Wise Healthcare Consumer Month


Did you know there are simple ways to make your upcoming doctor’s appointment a better experience? During this National Wise Healthcare Consumer Month, learn tips from Amber Hayes, MD.

According to the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, research shows that Americans spend more time researching car purchases and new appliances than they do researching doctors and health plans.

But February is National Wise Healthcare Consumer Month, which is the perfect time to gain some important healthcare wisdom. One simple way: Spend a little time preparing for your next healthcare appointment for the best possible outcome.

According to Amber Hayes, MD, primary care doctor at Renown Medical Group, the top suggestion: Write it down. 

“So a lot of people will make a list of questions that they have for their doctor so that they don’t forget anything,” said Dr. Hayes. “Other times you might want to ask a friend or family member to come with you so that they can really be a second set of ears and eyes and bring up some complaints that maybe you forgot that you wanted to talk about.” 

She also emphasizes the concept of creating a healthy partnership with your provider, being fully open and honest about conditions and symptoms as well as any use of alcohol, prescription medication or even herbal supplements so that your doctor can have a complete picture.

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These words of wisdom are only part of the equation leading to your successful visit; the other is a free online service offered at Renown called MyChart. Renown makes it easy to keep all of your information secure and in one place with this accessible and convenient hub for all of your medical information.

What is MyChart?

When you download the MyChart app, you can: 

  • view updates to your medical information, including lab results and immunizations 
  • keep track of prescription information
  • collect family health history in a central location
  • schedule an appointment
  • request prescription refills, 24 hours a day

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Comprehensive Primary Care

Renown Medical Group primary care physicians provide comprehensive primary care by appointment. Doctors coordinate each patient’s medical care including checkups, immunizations, referrals to specialists, lab work, X-ray & imaging and hospital admissions.

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  1. Having a list of concerns and symptoms is a great idea, as well as, having a friend or family member attend the visit to take notes. But Renown puts doctors on time limits for visits with their patients, so it often leaves little time to discuss issues.
    • Thanks for writing, Carol. We spoke with Dr. Derek Beenfeldt, Division Chief of Primary Care for Renown: “Thanks for your interest in primary care here at Renown and for your ideas about choosing a physician. Please know that we always want to make sure patients and their loved ones feel their questions and concerns have been addressed. We also want to make sure we’re able to meet the needs of all our patients scheduled each day. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to discuss everything with your doctor, you may want to talk with your doctor or medical assistant to determine how best to address all of your concerns."