How to Prepare for a Doctor’s Visit


How do you make the most out of a visit to your doctor? Amber Hayes, MD, provides tips that will help prepare you for a successful healthcare appointment.

We’ve all been there: You wait for an appointment with your doctor, you come armed with specific questions about symptoms and concerns — and then you completely forget everything you were going to ask once the appointment gets underway. 

“So a lot of people will make a list of questions that they have for their doctor so that they don’t forget anything,” said Amber Hayes, MD, primary care doctor at Renown Medical Group. “Other times you might want to ask a friend or family member to come with you so that they can really be a second set of ears and eyes and bring up some complaints that maybe you forgot that you wanted to talk about.” 

She also emphasizes the concept of creating a healthy partnership with your provider, being fully open and honest about conditions and symptoms as well as any use of alcohol, prescription medication or even herbal supplements so that your doctor can have a complete picture.

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These words of wisdom are only part of the equation leading to your successful visit; the other is a free online service offered at Renown called MyChart. Renown makes it easy to keep all of your information secure and in one place with this accessible and convenient hub for all of your medical information.

What is MyChart?

When you download the MyChart app, you can: 

  • view updates to your medical information, including lab results and immunizations 
  • keep track of prescription information
  • collect family health history in a central location
  • schedule an appointment
  • request prescription refills, 24 hours a day

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The providers at Renown care for patients of all ages and specialize in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and OB/GYN.

Renown Medical Group primary care physicians provide comprehensive primary care by appointment. Doctors coordinate each patient’s medical care including checkups, immunizations, referrals to specialists, lab work, X-ray & imaging and hospital admissions.

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