Positive Experiences Going Back to the Doctor

positive experiences

With COVID-19 cases increasing in some areas, you may be wondering if it’s safe to return to your doctor for a visit. Below patients share the positive experiences they had when starting up their regular appointments.

Positive Experiences of Safety

Feeling comfortable and safe at your appointments is especially important during a time where we are feeling more anxious about our health. Renown aims to limit the spread of coronavirus through physical distancing practices, mask requirements and visitor restrictions. 

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“I was promptly seen and attended to. [Coronavirus] protocols were nice. I will return in the future if needed…” –Sean

“I was worried about going to Urgent Care during a pandemic, but felt very safe at Renown Fernley. Timely service, friendly staff and great care. I’m happy.” –Beth

Positive Experiences Feeling Heard and Cared For

It’s important that you feel heard and cared for at your primary care appointments. And if it’s been a while since you had a routine appointment, you might have more questions and concerns.

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“I felt that the practitioner I saw really listened to my concerns and took the appropriate actions to treat the condition I was being seen for. They were very diligent about social distancing practices and cautious with [coronavirus] screenings to ensure those who were symptomatic did not come into the office.” –Sarah

“Good protection from [coronavirus] contamination, good communication, very good staff listening and care.” –Jim

“They are on top of it. I’m impressed. I got an appointment online for that afternoon, and waited in my car until they called me. They were so organized and efficient…best I’ve seen during this time so far. They screened everyone before entering for [coronavirus]. They made me feel calm and welcome. Thank you all for taking such good care.” –Dana

Still prefer seeing a doctor virtually?

Many primary and specialty care appointments for adults and children are now available virtually. If you have a provider with Renown Medical Group, call 775-982-5000 to see if you can have a virtual appointment from the comfort of your home.

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Staying healthy and safe means taking care of yourself. We encourage you to keep your health on track by not delaying preventive or urgent healthcare needs.

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