Nursing Students Get Hands-On Training Through Renown Partnership


A partnership between Renown Health and the University of Nevada, Reno’s Orvis School of Nursing is pairing nurse educators with future nurses to provide hands-on field experience and increase the amount of nurses in the region.

Several Renown Health Nurse Educators including Emily McClure, MSN, RN, and Amanda Stallings, MSN, RN, are involved in a partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno’s Orvis School of Nursing to teach clinical rotations to nursing students. This past semester, Stallings’ nursing group was made up of first-semester students, while McClure’s group included fourth-semester students who graduated in May.

“I personally find this to be the most educational part of my nursing education so far,” says Benjamin Mitchell, a first-semester Orvis School of Nursing student.

In order for a Renown Health registered nurse to teach clinicals, they have to have at least five years’ experience as a nurse and have earned a master’s degree.

“The partnership allows us to have more clinical faculty to get more students through the programs that graduate, so that they can apply and be nurses here in the region,” Stallings says.