How a Nurse and Father Lost More Than 150 Pounds


Renown Health nurse, Jay, kept getting heavier despite all attempts to lose weight. At his heaviest, Jay weighed 380 pounds. He knew he needed to make changes to get away from this unhealthy path and ensure he would be around to watch his three sons grow up.

After not having any success trying to lose weight, Jay, Renown Health Clinical Nursing Supervisor, was determined to find a way to get healthier for himself and his three boys.

“It was pretty hard for me. Nobody wants to admit their flaws. Nobody wants to talk about them needing help,” says Jay. “I didn’t like the person I was or the person I was becoming. I was heading down a path of being really unhealthy, weighing the heaviest I’ve ever weighed, and not having success in trying to lose the weight on my own.”

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Jay’s Weight Loss Answer

Jay eventually found his solution to weight loss in a sleeve gastrectomy – a surgery that reduces the stomach to 15 percent of its original size. The nine-month process prior to surgery included counseling from a registered dietitian and following a pre-op diet.

At his heaviest, Jay weighed 380 pounds. Nearly a year since the bariatric surgery, he has lost 151 pounds.

“I thought it was going to be one of those things when it came to eating that if I didn’t eat enough, I was going to have a really hard time,” says Jay. “I still get to eat some of the foods I really like, but there is some stuff that I stay away from. Food is what I need to survive. It’s not what I need to feel good about myself.”

Jay’s Reason Why

This biggest part of why Jay decided to have this surgery is his three kids. “I need to be around for them,” he says. He hasn’t been able to go on a rollercoaster since he was in high school, so Jay’s summer plans with his kids involve a trip to a theme park. “That new life you get to live is 100 percent worth the surgery,” says Jay.

Jay Brownson After 150 Pound Weight Loss

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