Pulmonary Rehab & Lung Transplant Offer Patient Second Chance at Life


Watch how Renown patient Mary Richardson was able to earn a second chance at life through her hard work in Pulmonary Rehabilitation. A year after her lung transplant, Mary is healthy, happy and grateful to breathe easier. 

“One of the last times leaving, my lips were blue, my nails were blue. My husband didn’t know if by the time he got to the emergency room, I’d even be alive”

Mary Richardson recalls one of her last emergency room visits due to the chronic lung disease COPD. She was on oxygen 24/7 and could barely perform daily tasks.

Her doctor, Renown Pulmonologist Christina Szot, MD, recommended a lung transplant. But in order to qualify, Mary had to complete the Renown Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

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“I didn’t want to leave after the eight weeks were over. It was absolutely wonderful,” says Richardson. “They got me to walking on the treadmill, lifting weights. And they had the educational part, which was so helpful.”

Thriving After Lung Transplant

Check out the video above for the inspirational story of how Mary earned her second chance at life.

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  1. I am beyond proud of the work that my team does on a daily basis and the impact that they have on our patients and community. JOB WELL DONE!!