Kids, Exercise and Sports: Encourage them Early and Often

kids, exercise and sports

Join Renown Health and the Nevada Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics for the next “Walk with a Doc” on Saturday, Feb. 9. Take a brisk and healthy walk around the Sparks Marina with local docs while enjoying insights from a health expert. February’s guest speaker: Elaine Cudnik, APRN, who will talk about kids, exercise and sports.

If you’re like many parents, you’re constantly struggling with this age-old question: How do I get my kids to love exercise — or even team sports? For answers, our next Walk with a Doc is bringing in an expert to talk about this very topic. Mark your calendar now for next Saturday, Feb. 9 at 9:30 a.m. at the Sparks Marina. 

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Elaine Cudnik will be on hand to answer important questions about kids and exercise. Here’s a preview of what she will discuss.

What will you be talking about during Walk with a Doc? 

I will be talking about the best way to get your child started with exercise — including age-appropriate activities and when to consider organized sports for your child. I’ll also be talking about the benefits of sports — physical, social and emotional. Finally, we’ll discuss options for sports in the Reno area.

What are a couple of your top tips for parents to encourage kids to enjoy sports? 

For younger children, make it a family activity. If kids see their parents having fun, chances are they’ll want to join in on the fun, too! For all ages, keep it fun — sports should be an enjoyable, and not a stressful event for child and parent alike.

What do you recommend if your child doesn’t seem to like sports? 

I encourage parents to think outside the box — a sport doesn’t have to be a team activity. Hiking with the family, dance classes, swimming, martial arts, tumbling, or going for a bike ride all count. The options for exercise are endless. Chances are if your child isn’t into team sports, there is something else that will get them moving that will also interest them.

We hear you coach for the local soccer league, GBYSL. Why do you choose to coach soccer?  

I do it for a lot of reasons. First, I do it to spend time with my child — as a working mom, this is a way for me to carve out some time for us. Second, it sets a good example — it shows my child that I value physical exercise, commitment and teamwork. And third, I like soccer. It was something I enjoyed doing throughout my life, and something I hope to share with my children.

Walk with a Doc: The Details

When: The second Saturday of each month, 9:30 a.m.

Where: Sparks Marina — meet at the blue gazebo closest to the parking lot for a short meet and greet before the walk

What to bring: Water, sunscreen, friends and family

This event is sponsored by Renown Pediatrics and Nevada AAP.

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