Hospice Specialist Dr. Kelle Brogan Wins Distinguished Physician Award


Congratulations to Dr. Kelle Brogan, who recently won the Arthur J. Lurie, M.D., Distinguished Physician Award from Renown Health. Here, Brogan explains why she works in hospice and palliative care. Above all, she says her inspiration comes from the people in her care. 

When medical treatments no longer offer a cure, hospice care is a way to maintain quality of life for patients and families who are facing end-of-life considerations.

Dr. Kelle L Brogan has been serving in this important capacity, as a hospice/palliative care specialist, for more than three decades. Her dedication and service recently earned her the Arthur J. Lurie, M.D., Distinguished Physician Award from Renown Health.


“I’ve been in hospice originally since 1989,” she says, “I’m passionate about the patients’ family relationships, patients’ lives, and I love to hear their individual stories.”

About Dr. Kelle Brogan

Dr. Brogan graduated with honors from University Of Nevada School of Medicine in 1986. She has more than 33 years experience in hospice/palliative care and internal medicine.

Renown Hospice Care provides compassionate expertise and palliative care to meet the emotional, physical and also spiritual needs of patients and families in our community.

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