How do Nurses Find Their Niche? Time and Patience


Have you ever wondered how nurses choose their position? Is it luck of the draw, open availability or something else? Find out how some of our nurses decided which departments are their best fit.

There are a variety of different positions available to registered nurses at Renown Health – from more well known positions in the emergency room, intensive care units, Children’s Hospital and the Institute for Cancer, to the lesser known roles which also require registered nurses’ expertise including risk management, infection control and clinical informatics.nurses

No matter the position an RN chooses, one thing remains the same – nurses need to see where their skills, personality and passion are the best fit.

“I knew in nursing school I was really passionate about pediatrics and I loved that population. But I wasn’t sure if I was more of a NICU, more of a floor pediatric nurse or if I was more of an intensive care PICU nurse,” says Laura Dykins, BSN, RN, Wilbur D. May Pediatric ICU at Renown Regional Medical Center. “The residency program gave me the support to explore some of those realms. It gave me the confidence to try a little of everything and make a better choice at where I fit in as a nurse.”

Learn more about what motivated our nurses to find their niche.