HealthTech: Glooko for Glucose

Health Tech: Glooko

Tracking your glucose made simple? Sweet!  

For people with diabetes, tracking glucose levels just got easier.

The folks at Glooko have created MeterSync Blue technology, which allows you to wirelessly download glucose data from more than 30 popular meters directly to your iPhone or Android.

The device is small and lightweight — no bigger than a 9-volt battery. For those meters that are not wireless compatible, MeterSync Blue comes with one short cable and a 2.5 mm adapter.

Don’t be intimidated if technology is not your game. The app walks you through the synchronization process with detailed instructions and video tutorials. And once you’re set up, this intuitive application does the work of managing your information.

Here are a few things Glooko can do:

  • Track your blood glucose and insulin data alongside your diet and exercise trends
  • Provide a logbook and graph views of your sugar readings
  • Display your sugar readings by time of day
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Fax from within the app to facilitate communications with your care team

By simplifying diabetes management for patients, providers and payers with a unified platform, Glooko hopes to help improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs and make the lives of persons with diabetes a little easier. 


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