Germ Zapping Robots: Improving the Fight Against Illness


Can R2-D2’s cousin protect us from infection? The answer is “yes.” With extra awareness about preventing the spread of disease, Renown Health continues to deploy their team of germ-zapping robots. 

Germ-zapping Robots Fight The Good Fight

COVID-19 is heightening awareness about cleanliness around the world. Now, more than ever, hospitals are looking for innovative ways to remove germs and other bacteria from their buildings. With Renown Health’s  incredible commitment to patient safety, we take our responsibility to provide a clean and healthy environment for our patients to heal seriously.

Therefore, our team of four bionic bacteria busters continue to enhance our current infection control measures. Three fight the good fight against germs at Renown Regional Hospital, while another makes the rounds at South Meadows. Renown’s germ-zapping Xenex robots are working 24/7 to eliminate contagious superbugs in just minutes.

Germ-zapping Robots 101

So, how exactly do they work? These disinfection devices use UV light with a xenon lamp 25,000 times brighter than sunlight. This germ busting light:

  • Eliminates ebola in 90 seconds
  • Kills bacteria in 5-10 minutes
  • Eliminates norovirus
  • Kills HIV
  • Disables the DNA of viruses

Similarly they are also being used against coronavirus (COVID-19), Clostridium difficile (C. diff), MRSA, influenza and measles.

These portable Xenex germ-zapping robots are working in operating rooms and other protected areas for patient safety. They also target isolation rooms for patient care and rooms in the ER. Basically anywhere an additional level of disinfection is needed. 

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Germ-zapping Robots Improve Patient and Staff Health

“Our germ-zapping robots are a testament to the best practices put in place at Renown Health to enhance patient and staff health,” said Chris Baker, director, facilities engineering at Renown. “They operate 365 days a year, and help contribute to the unprecedented sanitary conditions that we pride ourselves on throughout all of our healthcare sites.”

Because the Xenex robots use UV light to disinfect rooms, they are able to reach every surface in the room without leaving any chemical residue. To disinfect a room after standard cleaning: a hospital employee wheels the robot into the room, begins an automatic sequence, and then leaves the room allowing the robot to eliminate any bacteria in just five minutes.

“Renown has long been recognized as the region’s leader in technology and specialized care,” said Baker. “So, it’s only fitting that we apply this advanced technology to our methodical and detailed sanitizing measures.”

Renown was the first in the region to use these germ-zapping robots back in 2015. Now hundreds of other hospitals nationwide are also using them. Some of the hospitals include: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Sharp and Stanford. Significantly, U.S. healthcare and hospitality facilities credit this technology for reducing infection rates.

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  1. What a great idea to diminish germs in the hospital environment. Too many times, I've heard of people leaving the hospital with a new ailment that they believed they contracted while an in-patient (pneumonia, for instance). Hoooray for Renown.