Financial Assistance can Help with Hospital Bills

woman using financial assistance to pay her hospital bills

It’s no secret healthcare services in the U.S. tend to be more expensive than in other countries. At Renown Health, we understand healthcare costs are sometimes expensive and some people may not be able to fully pay their hospital bills. Lorena Chavez, manager of patient access, talks about healthcare expenses and how our Financial Assistance Program can help.

There is no single reason for the rising cost of medical care in general. Rather many factors play a role such as: prescription drug spending, home health services and medical equipment. Through our Financial Assistance Program (FAP) we look for solutions if you are uninsured or underinsured.  And all cases are based on your individual circumstances.

What is patient financial assistance?

Presently Renown offers this service for patients in need. Our Financial Assistance Specialists realize healthcare billing is frustrating. So we can help you navigate your healthcare financial responsibilities, determining if you are eligible for this program. 

Who can get help?

Patients at Renown Regional Medical Center or South Meadows can request help at any time. Equally important, our team also helps patients figure out if they qualify for government programs.

These include:

    • Medicaid
    • County Assistance
    • Health Insurance Exchange
    • Renown Financial Assistance Program

In addition we assist with applications for the above programs.

Do all medical services qualify for this program?

No, this program may not be used to pay for cosmetic, bariatric (weight loss) procedures and other non-medically necessary procedures. However, our team is able to help you with information about coverage. We also evaluate each case based on the patient’s financial status at the time of the service.

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Need Help Paying your Hospital Bills?

Our Financial Assistance Program can arrange discounts for patients in need. Contact our Financial Assistance Specialists for help
with your healthcare bills.

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