Common Bond: When DNA Testing Reveals a Sibling


Watch this heart-warming story about two half-sisters who found each other through the Healthy Nevada Project DNA testing.

Two women, both of whom lived in Nevada growing up, have more than a love of animals and quick tempers in common. It turns out, they’re also related, which they now know as a result of the Healthy Nevada Project. 

Paige Allison, Hometown Health employee, was adopted as a young child. So she decided to participate in the Healthy Nevada Project primarily to understand a little more about her medical and family histories. What she found was a half-sister who had lived close to her throughout her life, but that she had never known.

Finding a Relative Through DNA Testing

“As a child I always felt like there was something missing in my life, but I never could explain it,” said Natalie McCargar, Paige’s half-sister. 

And now the two are able to share stories, histories and time together. 

“I’m happy to have a half-sister that we’re close to and can communicate with and just share my life with,” McCargar said. 

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Recruitment for phase two is still open. In addition to opting in to receive clinical results, participants receive National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 ancestry app at no cost. They also have the chance to pick an additional app for health and wellness after completing a follow-up survey.
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