It’s in Your Hands: Convenient Healthcare Access at Your Fingertips


We all know maintaining our health is important, but getting to the doctor isn’t always easy. Fortunately, new technology is bringing healthcare options closer to home – and even into the palm of your hand. Learn more about some of the convenient ways you can reach a healthcare provider and manage your medical records, all from the comfort of your home.

Healthcare convenience

We rely on technology to meet many of our daily needs – managing family schedules, organizing shopping lists and staying connected to friends around the globe – so the ability to access healthcare experts online is a natural next step.

Younger generations – millennials in particular – are bringing even more attention to the demands for change in how we manage our health. This generation shows a strong desire for convenient healthcare options, including a preference for retail clinics and mobile applications allowing them to access their healthcare provider. According to a 2015 Salesforce survey, about 71 percent of millennials would be interested in using a mobile app to manage their healthcare, review records and schedule appointments.


New technology and platforms are making it possible for anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone or computer to reach a physician, access their medical records and refill prescriptions with a simple click of a button. As part of this growing trend, Renown has introduced tools to make it easier for patients to manage their health at their personal convenience.

Virtual Visits

If you are feeling too sick or otherwise unable to travel to an urgent care to see a medical provider, a virtual visit may be the answer. This service lets you skip the exam room and see a medical provider online. You can connect securely using your smartphone, tablet or computer wherever you happen to be. This is an excellent option for ailments such as allergies, flu, headaches or mild cuts and scratches. Learn more about the features and cost of virtual visits. 

Virtual Check-in

None of us likes sitting in a waiting room, especially when you aren’t feeling well. By using virtual check-in, you can get in line at a Renown Urgent Care from home or on the go using your phone. Once you’re in line, you will receive text notifications updating you on estimated wait times and when you’re next in line. Click here to see current wait times and learn more about getting in line.


Managing your healthcare information is as easy as access to the internet and a computer or smartphone. Using MyChart, you can schedule appointments, get test results, request prescription refills and review your immunization records. Learn more about this free, secure online tool.