Convenient Care: When and Where You Need it Most

Summit Mall Renown

More and more people are calling northern Nevada home. To keep up with growth, Renown Medical Group is adding new locations and care providers to make sure everyone in the Truckee Meadows has care when and where they need it most.

With a number of big names like Tesla, and Switch moving into our region, adding new locations and recruiting providers has become a top priority at Renown. But it goes beyond the numbers.

Renown’s goal is to provide care where people already are — focusing on convenience and ease. For example, one can visit their doctor’s office for their annual checkup and run errands all in one spot.

Renown Medical Group – Pringle at 75 Pringle Way, Suite 601 in Renown Regional Medical Center, Center for Advanced Medicine C.

Care That’s Quick and Convenient

Renown’s five new medical group locations offer just that. Opened in the span of eight months, you can find new Renown offices at:

  • Renown Medical Group – Summit Sierra at 13925 S. Virginia St., Suite 632 in The Summit mall in South Reno
  • Renown Medical Group – Caughlin at 4796 Caughlin Parkway, Suite 108 in the Scolari’s shopping center
  • Renown Medical Group – Robb at 1595 Robb Drive, Suite 2 across from Raley’s shopping center
  • Renown Medical Group – Double R, Suite 220 at 10085 Double R Boulevard in Renown South Meadows, Medical Pavilion B
  • Renown Medical Group – Pringle at 75 Pringle Way, Suite 601 in Renown Regional Medical Center, Center for Advanced Medicine C
Renown Medical Group – Robb at 1595 Robb Drive, Suite 2, across from the Raley’s shopping center.

Convenient and Comfortable

But it’s not just about location — it’s also about patient comfort. These new locations are far from a standard doctor’s office. The design includes lounge chairs, modern light fixtures, bold colors and artwork. They are a nod to Renown’s commitment to innovation and a forward-thinking approach centered on patient care and overall patient experience. And most important, this new look helps patients feel relaxed and at ease heading into their appointment.

Adding More Care Providers

To ensure patients are getting care as quickly and efficiently as possible, Renown added 21 new primary care providers, nine urgent care providers and 32 specialists in 2016.

In all, Renown Medical Group now has 300 providers, 18 primary care offices and 10 urgent care locations to serve local communities. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 775-982-5000 or visit Renown Health online.