Care Teams: Offering Greater Patient Convenience


Cold and flu season is a busy time for doctors’ offices. Renown Medical Group doctors Meghan Ward, MD, and Stephanie Reinhardt, MD, join Channel 4 KRNV (NBC) and Channel 11 KRXI (FOX) for Best Medicine Wednesday — a new weekly segment highlighting useful health information —  to discuss a program Renown has started to offer patients convenient care options.

‘Tis the season for colds and flu, and a very busy time for doctors’ offices. In order to keep up with demand and provide the highest quality care possible, Renown Medical Group has created care teams for each office. This means four physicians and two advanced practitioners — either physician assistants or nurse practitioners — are working hand-in-hand to care for patients. The idea is if you can’t see your normal doctor, you can see another doctor, or the nurse practitioner or physician assistant. And, these experts work together to ensure each patient receives the benefit of their combined expertise. 

To learn even more about the new program, we sat down with Renown Medical Group doctors Meghan Ward, MD, and Stephanie Reinhardt, MD.

How does establishing care with multiple providers help patients and their quality of care?

Just like everyone else, care providers get sick and take vacations. By having a care team, it ensures you are able to get in and see a care provider even if your normal doctor or advanced practitioner is sick, on vacation or doesn’t have an appointment open that day. This guarantees better access for our patients. Care teams also help improve care. As a care team, we can work with the other doctors and advanced practitioners in the office to help solve difficult cases. Even with routine visits, we can have a second set of eyes to make sure we’ve considered everything from diagnosis to various treatment options.

What about a patient’s continuity of care? 

Continuity of care is a priority for care teams. We make sure all notes are easy to understand and put in a specific section of the medical record, so if my colleague needs to pick up with the patient next time, there is no disconnect.

How do patients go about establishing a care team?

If you’re a patient with Renown Medical Group, it will happen automatically. Everything here is done in care teams to ensure the greatest access and quality of care for our patients. We’ve found this solution helps patients see a provider more quickly. Reviewing and collaborating as a care team also gives patients the benefit of an entire team’s expertise and knowledge. We work together to help you achieve your very best health.