An Allergy Treatment Sweet as (Raw) Honey


You may have heard that consuming raw honey is an allergy treatment, but does medical science support this claim? Dr. Christopher Chai with Renown offers insights.  

The idea that eating raw honey can treat allergies may sound like urban legend, but go ahead and add “buy local honey” to your honey-do list if you’re allergic to flower pollen. 

“If you are having mild allergies to flower-bearing pollen, then go ahead and use locally sourced honey,” says Dr. Christopher Chai with Renown Medical Group. “It can help.”

Chai recommends seeing an allergist if you have more severe allergies necessitating an inhaler or allergy medications.

Immunotherapy as Allergy Treatment 

Chai says the allergist often uses an immunotherapy. The allergy shot contains tiny doses of the substance that is triggering your allergy. Once injected, the allergens stimulate your immune system and help you build tolerance. It is similar to what allergy sufferers do when they take daily doses of locally sourced honey containing the pollen of something to which they’re allergic.

Watch beekeepers Chris and Karen Foster of Hidden Valley Honey show us how raw honey is produced during harvest season.

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