Infographic: 7 Home Remedies to Help Ease a Cold


Suffering from a cold?  Don’t let it interfere with your active lifestyle.  Instead of running to your local drugstore, home remedies can also serve as a less expensive, readily available and effective alternative.   However, if you are experiencing fever or pain, Edward Simon, MD, Renown Medical Group advises the use of acetaminophens such as Tylenol.  He cautioned against using Aspirin, as it can sometimes increase viral shedding. For chest congestion, he recommends steam inhalation and simple antihistamines. Antibiotics are not advised for colds, according to Dr. Simon. He also stresses that if you think you have a cold, try to avoid direct contact with others and wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading germs.

Try these seven home remedies to help ease your cold symptoms: