4 Heart-Healthy Date Ideas

4 Heart-Healthy Date Ideas

Get your heart racing this Valentine’s Day with these active date ideas.

Are you scrambling to think of something to do with your significant other with Valentine’s Day approaching?  Sure, a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant is always an option, but it’s easy to overindulge on appetizers and dessert.

This year, mix it up with one of these active, heart-healthy date ideas instead:

  • Learn something new. Learning a new skill together is a great way to bond with your significant other, as well as an opportunity to discover a new hobby. Whether it’s learning to ski or
    4 Heart-Healthy Date Ideas
    Enjoy a fun and active Valentine’s Day with your significant other!

    snowboard, taking a dance class or trying rock climbing, this is a perfect chance find an activity that you can do as a couple.

  • Be tourists. You likely spend time researching things to do before you visit a new city, but you may overlook many great activities right outside your own back door. Take a walk around downtown and visit a new store or restaurant, or spend time at your local art museum. If the weather is nice, pack a picnic lunch and check out a local park.
  • Go for a hike. Lace up your hiking shoes and explore the great outdoors together. There is no shortage of great trails in northern Nevada, and they are perfect for any fitness level.  
  • Act like a kid. Spend the afternoon getting in touch with your inner child – go miniature golfing, check out the batting cages, play laser tag or go bowling. You’ll share plenty of laughs and make fun memories!

If dining out is still part of your Valentine’s Day plans, choose lighter menu options and enjoy your dessert in moderation. Your heart and waistline will thank you!