Watch: Essential Outdoor Exercise Tips in Cold Weather


With winter conditions settling in around northern Nevada, we asked an expert: How should you approach exercising outdoors in cold conditions? Here, Dr. Janie Konakis, MD, offers tips to keep you warm (can you say, “layers”?) and safe (spoiler alert: wear sunscreen!). 

Despite our recent spate of winter weather, experts recommend: Don’t let the cold weather and the snow put a damper on your outdoor exercise.

Janie Konakis, MD, a Renown Health Premiere Care doctor and part of a new Walk with a Doc program, says, “You just have to be prepared by knowing the temperature and conditions.”

Watch: Outdoor Exercise Tips in Cold Weather

Dr. Konakis recommends:

  • Dressing in layers;
  • Wearing clothing made from fabrics like polyester or other synthetic, fleece and wool; 
  • Avoiding cotton shirts next to your skin, which can stay wet after you begin to sweat and can make you cold; 
  • Wearing a hat, gloves, scarf and warm shoes or boots;
  • Wearing sun screen and drinking water.

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