Watch: Cardiac Rehabilitation Invigorates 80-Year-Old Reno Resident


Recovering from a heart attack can be a difficult. See how this Reno resident uses exercise and a cardiac rehabilitation program to navigate her roadmap to healing. 

“It is something you dedicate yourself to doing and you just get up in the morning and you do it,” asserted heart disease survivor Sheila Marks. “It was something I could judge every time that I came that I was getting a little bit stronger.”

Sheila spent three days a week for three months at Renown’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program working out under the guidance of the staff that monitored her routine.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Helps Local Heart Patient

Sheila is determined to work on her heart health in order to enjoy the lifestyle she has created in an “over 55” living community in Reno.

Cardiac rehabilitation helps you recover from heart and vascular disease faster so you can return to your normal daily life. You’ll receive education about your disease and how to manage it. You also get a closely monitored, individualized exercise program guided by healthcare professionals. 

cardiac rehabilitation
In Renown’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program, patient routines are customized to their needs and monitored.

To enroll in Renown’s Cardiac Rehabilitation, you must have a referral from your doctor.

To learn more about the program, visit Renown Cardiac Rehabilitation.